Watercolours 1-3

Below are the first three watercolor studies from my History of

Architecture and Furniture course. The first is of the TWA Terminal

in New York. It was designed Eero Saarinen and finished in 1962.

The second is of Notre Dame in Paris. Construction took almost two

centuries and was overseen by multiple architects. Third is the Basque

Health Department Headquarters in Bilbao, Spain. The facade is an

exoskeleton of glass that creates privacy and shields the offices inside

from the sounds of the city.




Ice-cream Shop

This is conceptual design for a Jeni’s Ice Cream Parlor that is contained

within a 36′ x 36′ x36′ cube of space. The space would be situated between

adjoining store fronts, but would stand apart due in part to glass facade and

stark white structural elements.

JenisIcecreamFinal1 JenisIcecreamFinal2 JenisIcecreamFinal3 JenisIcecreamFinal5 JenisIcecreamFinal6 JenisIcecreamFinal7 JenisIcecreamFinal8 JenisIcecreamFinal9